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Soft vs Hard Wax

Hard wax companies have done a brilliant job marketing to the esthetics industry and the general public on the benefits of hard wax, claiming it is gentler on the skin and as effective as a soft wax. Our experience with clients is honestly not as dogmatic.

Soft wax, also called strip wax, is applied and taken off with a piece of cotton paper strip. This is the same traditional practice perfected by the J sisters in New York City. The Brazilian wax owes its origin and name from the quality of the soft waxing of these seven Brazilian sisters. You may often hear practitioners blame their tools and not their technique. Waxing is an art form requiring technical experience.

Hard wax is applied soft and shrink wraps itself around the hair as it dries. Once dried, the wax edge is usually flicked up making a piece for the aesthetician to grab. Flicking is usually uncomfortable and the vellus hairs (baby fine) do not come out. Many times the hair is breaking off, and if you are getting a lot of ingrown hairs after waxing, this could be one reason why. Creating a precisely shaped brow and getting all of the vellus hair is a challenge with hard wax.

Perception of Pain
Anytime hair is being ripped out of the follicle and not breaking off it can hurt.
 Some people feel strongly one way or the other regarding which is more painful, hard or soft wax. Whether you choose hard or soft wax the technique and experience of the aesthetician is crucial.

At M. Waxing we do carry both hard and soft waxes but primarily use soft/strip wax. Our wax for faces and Hollywood waxing is a soy-based botanical product that is extremely gentle and was created for plastic surgeons for use on patients before surgery. It contains no animal products, is antibacterial, and removes all the hair, including vellus hair.

Again, experience of the aesthetician is extremely important. We have also found having different waxes for different hair types and body areas is crucial for a thorough and effective wax. There is not one wax that is perfect for every single person or every single situation.

Marilyn Anderson, AP Aesthetician and Owner