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Arrow Decoration

M. Waxing provides a premium, detail-oriented waxing experience and offers intimate area skin lightening.

All of our waxes are luxury waxes, hand chosen to give our clients the very best results. We conscientiously look for clean waxes without fragrance and irritants. Our main method of hair removal is a botanical-based, antibacterial, vegan product. Explore our wide variety of services for women and men. Send someone special a M. Waxing eGift Card today.

*All services available by appointment only. No walk-ins.

Body Waxing

Classic Bikini… $42 | 15 Minutes

Follows the bikini line.

French Bikini… $52 | 15 Minutes

More than a classic bikini, does not include the back.

Brazilian Bikini… $62 | 15 Minutes

Almost everything off the front, everything off the back.

Hollywood Bikini… $62 | 15 Minutes

Everything off the front and back.

Under Arm… $30 | 15 Minutes

Half Arm… $34 | 15 Minutes

Full Arm… $56 | 30 Minutes

Half Leg… $50 | 15 Minutes

Includes the knees down or knees up.

Full Leg… $86 | 45 Minutes

Back/Chest… $62 | 30 Minutes

Includes shoulders.

Back of Neck… $20 | 15 Minutes

Facial Waxing

First-Time Brow Shaping Customer… $35 | 30 Minutes
Whether you need to grow your brows in, need a correct shape for your face or are just not sure what to do, our expert assessment helps you obtain beautiful brows, customized for you.

Natural Brow Restoration – if your brows have been over waxed, over tweezed, or are just not growing in like they used to, we have products guaranteed to help! (Don’t be surprised if you are put in brow rehab). We believe in healthy brow management and will design a shape that is best for you.

Brow Maintenance… $30

Brow Maintenance & Lip… $45

Lip… $18

Chin… $20

Cheek… $20

Full Face I… $51

Lip, chin, cheek

Full Face II… $65

Lip, chin, cheek and brow

Ear Wax… $20

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Intimate Area Bleaching/Skin Lightening

Because many clients have reached out to us asking for a way to even out skin pigmentation, we are proud to be the first to bring an all natural skin lightening treatment to the Twin Cities. With the popularity of Brazilian bikini waxes, areas that were once covered by hair are now exposed. We’ve got your back!

Our products are safe and mild using high-quality, natural ingredients made in the USA. They will not hypo pigment the skin or irritate the skin even right after waxing! They can be effectively used on any skin color and you should see a difference even after the first treatment. The products are free of hydroquinone, which is cytotoxic and banned in Japan and Europe. They also contain no kojic acid.

Treatment per area (anal, labia, underarm, etc)… $115

This includes a take-home treatment. We strongly suggest booking a wax along with a skin lightening treatment. You will get a much better result if the area has been freshly waxed.

Hollywood bikini for women and lightening treatment (one area)… $177

Includes a take-home treatment.

Just The Back (between the checks) includes a wax for men or women… $150

Includes a take-home treatment.

Add on skin lightening treatment to any waxing service… $65

Does not include a take-home treatment.

*Prices do not include tax on product.

Additional Services

Brow and Lash Tinting

Tints last up to 4 weeks

Brow… $26
Lash… $30